Changing the status quo

     is not a battle,



it's a balance



With a background in carpentry, this event planner is keen on events that build! Whether that's making business connections or permaculture gardens, Kya is thrilled to break open the box and plan useful, original events tailored around your specific needs and budget.

Kya Dalton can plan your island events to be meaningful and memorable. Hiring a professional planner allows you to effectively deliver your message (you do have a message right?) and connect with your guests without the stress. She'll steer you towards your bigger picture and keep track of all the small details so you don't have to.  


Before entrepreneurship, Kya studied Event Management at the Northern Alberta Institue of Technology and worked as the Venue Manager for Spark Event Centre. In 2017, she launched Kinnect Events. Past clients include the City of Revelstoke, Revelstoke Local Food Initiative, Revelstoke Rotary Club, MiTek Industries and more.

Kya believes that green event planning is a responsible way to do business as well as an opportunity to rebalance the status quo. The choices we make during the planning stages of an event have a tremendous impact during and after the event. 



Let's leave a positive impact together. 



Don't take my word for it!

See what our clients say:


Local Food Initiative 


Kya excelled in her role with us and it was evident early on that she is a skilled event manager. One of Kya's strengths is community engagement. She was able to recruit over two dozen volunteers to participate in the Garden & Art Tour and the result was a successful, community-focused event that drew crowds of all ages.


She pays attention to detail and her communication with participants was clear, friendly and professional. Most importantly Kya created a welcoming environment that showed appreciation for all those involved. 


She proved resourceful in troubleshooting and was open to guidance and direction. The feedback received from this year's event echoes her positivity and enthusiasm. Kya is a delight to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again. 


-Jodi Kay 

Revelstoke Local Food Initiative



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2019 Garden and art tour WEB FILES-7
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Revelstoke 120th Gala
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Catering Wedding
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BAM Dining Room
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Sparkler Tunnel
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We have divided the types of events we hold into 3 categories or shades.

What shade of green are you? 


Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.


Not only do we need natural resources but we also need

social and economic resources.


Our Core Event Services strive for ultimate sustainability.



We hold Resilient events by focusing on mitigation activities, like letter writing to affect policy changes and building infrastructure and skills that allow us to adapt to the worse effects of climate change.





Regenerative events don't just maintain or prepare... they have a net positive outcome. They heal and undo.


Regenerative events have huge hands-on components where hard skills are learned and tangible solutions are built.