Emissions Reduction

Join us for the Carbon Credit Drinking Challenge! #CarbonKarma

This is for people who want to work on their carbon karma.

It's about making a personal sacrifice and using it to do good.


We all have our indulgences. We want to know: have you ever wondered how you manage to spend so much money on alcohol? We have. Although we're not against the use of alcohol, we understand that reducing consumption can be a responsible and rewarding act. This is your chance to track personal change with a community of people who are working towards a common goal. 

Jump on-board this challenge and use your monthly alcohol budget to purchase carbon credits from UN approved projects.

The personal annual emissions by Canadians per year are around 22 Tonnes. In Kya's first month of this challenge, she purchased 26 tonnes worth of carbon credits for a wind project in Asia.


WHAT?! Yes. 


The question we're trying to answer is:

 What impact can we make with the resources already available to us?


 Check out the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform to shop for projects you want to support. 

How To Get Involved