Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.


Not only do we need natural resources but we also need

social and economic resources.


This is the triple bottom line theory. A new framework of accounting that takes into consideration the greater impact of a business. 


How Does it Work?

We strive for ultimate sustainability at our events. This means we buy carbon offsets for travel, reuse items whenever possible, practice composting, and avoid plastics. We understand that every action we take has an impact, so we make it a positive one. 


Solutions for sustainable events include eco-procurement, waste minimalization, energy efficiency, water conservation, and emmissions reduction. 

10 steps to sustainability

1    Put it in writing |  A clear environmental policy for the event to share with everyone. Include subcontractors, venue, and managers.


 Use paperless technology |Online registration, event website, online advertisements, fillable PDF contracts.

 Refuse, Reduce, Recycle | Provide compost, recycling and refundable containers. Measure your waste to calculate environmental ROI.

4    Reuse and our favourite, UPCYCLE! | Works for signage, name badge holders, and so much more. Ask about our custom creation of upcycled decor and nature-inspired rentals.

5   Bulk it Up | Food and beverage in bulk dispensers.

6   Eat green | Local, seasonal, vegetarian options available.

7   Close the recycling loop | Print double-sided on recycled paper with vegetable-based ink.

8     Save Energy | Turn off lights and heat or air conditioning in rooms that are not in use, choose a venue that's walking distance to the hotel.

9     Hire Local talent | Keep work in the community and minimize travel emissions.

10  Spread the word | Share your green success with delegates, speakers, and the media. Demonstrate your organization's commitment to sustainability practices.

How to get involved

Do you have an upcoming event that requires planning? Do you want to use responsible practices that contribute to the sustainability of our surroundings? Contact Kinnect Events to learn how we can get the process moving with the least stress to you and the planet. 

Core Event Services

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